Sharing Is Caring: BabyPlaces App


A friend told me once that sharing is caring. Being a mom herself, this wisdom came straight from her heart. I couldn’t agree more. When entering the world of parenthood, there are moments when you are just clueless. There are so many new things to experience and learn so having some practical and helpful insights here and there can make this journey, which is anyway a big adventure, a little bit easier.

A week ago, I wrote a post on how having a baby has an impact on how we choose the places we go to.  Ideally, places need to be child friendly, have enough space, changing tables, high chairs…there are quite some features. However, there is also a shift. Places you used to think as basic become suddenly more important such as pharmacies, drugstores and medical centres  This is even more the case when travelling to cities where you don’t have your regular addresses.

When I read on munichs-working-mom about the BabyPlaces App, I thought that this is something that should exist outside of Germany, too. Imagine how delighted I was when Marisa from BabyPlaces informed me that they are currently expanding, making the app available in Europe (a worldwide launch is also in the works). Developed by parents for parents and already available in English and Polish*, the BabyPlaces app allows to enter places following various categories such as swaddle and feed, playgrounds, things to do, food and drinks, everything for the baby, shopping (baby clothing, maternity, toys, furniture, incl. second hand), childcare but also doctors and pharmacies. As you can see, while the app is called BabyPlaces, it also covers toddler and kids. Once the places are entered you can then rate, comment and update your favorite spots and share your experience with other parents.

I will continue to share here on my blog my favorite baby places in Amsterdam but have already started to enter them in the app with comments. As the app depends on us parents it becomes more useful the more mamas and papas enter their places and experiences. Also: The great thing about it is that it is FREE so whether you live in a big city, town or village, let’s be helpful with each other and start sharing and caring!


*If you have problems with visualizing the app in English on your phone please follow instructions:

Iphone: switch phone language on English (not UK); Android: switch phone language on English US

The website will be available in English by end of this year.

Picture by BabyPlaces App