Lucky No.7


Blue, red, white some green and again blue, blue, blue…that’s kind of it when you look at the color range of baby clothes for boys. I am always a bit jealous when I look at the girls range. There is so much more choice and so many colors (beside the very dominant pink). When I discovered the Dutch label Lucky No.7 at the 100% Mama Event (read the post here), it became obvious that I was not the only one who is frustrated with the limited offer of original clothing for little boys. Launched this summer and founded by the lovely Risma, a mom of two (girl and boy), Lucky No.7 offers baby and toddler clothing that is designed specifically for boys, using mainly the colors black and white. Yes, you read right: black and white. Finally, baby boys will not only behave but also look like a true rebels!

The collection features a very cute onesie, comfy pants, various tees as well as some accessories; all made of soft organic cotton and available from size 50/56 up to 98/104. Costa quenta? Depending on the style, as of 25EUR for the pants and tees and you are in the game. My favorite pieces from the collection are definitely the little bandit pants and, as one-pocket tees rule, also the Lucky No.7 tee … and of course the onesie. By the way, the little boy on the picture wearing the onesie is Risma’s son. When looking at this cute baby boy it is evident who inspired the different looks.

Well, it seems that Risma has launched a whole bandit movement. I have now a little bandit at home and I know that I am not the only one…just check Lucky No.7’s Instagram feed and you will see yourself ;).

Pictures by Lucky No. 7