When I Met The Bloggers

LittleBirdsMama Business CardIt took only two tweets and a hashtag and I decided to join this year’s Meet the blogger conference in Amsterdam. When munichs-working-mom connected me with 23qmStil who had planned to attend #MTBAMS, I just thought “why not?”. Being rather new to the world of blogging, I hadn’t planned to attend any blogger events this year but sometimes things just happen, right? Well, I am glad I changed my mind because I had a blast!

During the opening night at East57, I was completely in my element as they had organized a wine tasting session and served oysters. Heaven! At the end, we drank the wine even out of shot glasses…don’t ask me why.

The main event day started with a vegan breakfast (ok I also had a croissant) made by blogger Lisette Kreischer with Alpro soy products. I had the chance to hear some interesting speeches such as on trends (Chloe Sos from Trendtablet.com ), the future of blogging (by Kirsten Jassis) as well as the rise of Kinfolk Magazine presented by its co-founder Katie Searle-Williams. I joined a break-out session by Simply Slow on the use of perfume in our world, tried to hand craft a dream catcher (you don’t want to see the result), had some time to wander around and chill, discover some Dutch indie brands and last but not least laugh, laugh and laugh.

When the day was over, I had almost forgotten that I was new to the blogger community (I did not have business cards so I used a postcard saying “Bird” instead, ahem…) thanks to the incredibly welcoming bloggers I had met. Filled with joy, a goody bag in my hands and breasts that were overloaded with milk, I went home, already thinking about next time I’ll be meeting up with these nice blogger ladies.

Meet the blogger East 57

LittleBirdsMama Oysters White Wine

Meettheblogger at East57

Alpro Breakfast by Lisette Kreischer

Hotel Arena

Slow and simple

LittleBirdsMama Hotel Arena

DIY Dawanda

Katie signing Kinfolk Magazine

Kinfolk Magazine Edition 8

LittleBrdsMama Swing at Hotel Arena