The Tripp Trapp Phase

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There is one thing about parenthood that I forget over and over again, although it is like a golden rule. THE golden rule. It helps me in tougher times but ironically, it also applies when things run smoothly (that’s why I keep forgetting): it is always only a phase. I heard it from family and friends and sometimes I even catch myself saying it but somehow I am again and again surprised when things change. For instance, we went through the baby bouncer phase. It was good and easy. Thiago loved it. Then he loved it less. And less. At almost 6 months, it was time to buy a proper highchair. He could almost sit on his own and with him refusing puree and spoon feeding, it was important to put him in a stable and equal position while introducing him to solids. I was kind of tired of the idea of having to make my way again through the baby product jungle, but hey, there is anything you would not do for your baby, right?

Stokke Tripp Trapp vs Stokke Steps vs Ikea Antilop…?

When thinking about highchairs, I remembered the three Stokke Tripp Trapp chairs standing in my brother’s living room. They had been there since my niece and nephews had started to sit and today (the oldest are now five years old) they are still in use. These were already good points speaking for the Tripp Trapp but I wanted more information. Checking on Twitter and reading blogs, I found a lot of information about the Stokke Steps but after reviewing both options I felt that the Steps makes more sense when your baby is still small and in the bouncer phase. As we had passed this phase, the Stokke Steps did not really make sense being also more expensive and not my favorite design.

My mother had bought the Ikea Antilop for visits; a great and economic option. However I felt that its legs take too much space and I did not want to buy a plastic chair either. “Make sure to buy one that does NOT go in your way. I keep bumping into the feet of our bloody highchair. It hurts!” These were the words of a friend of mine when speaking about her purchase. With all this info and feedback, I finally decided to go for the Stokke Tripp Trapp in Aqua Blue. As Thiago was (and still is) too small to sit in the chair without support, we purchased as well the baby set as well as a water repellent cushion set (believe me, your baby will poor water and food on it) to give more comfort.


It’s been three months now that we use the chair and we still don’t regret our purchase. Unboxing and assembling is easy. The job was done in 30 minutes. It does not come with a tray but as Thiago sits with us at the table when eating, this is not a problem for us. However, PlayTray (also on Amazon) offers trays made for the Stokke Tripp Trapp for around 50EUR. The chair is easy to clean and features a smart design as I have never hurt my feet and bumped against its legs so there is no swearing at home when it comes to the highchair.

Sure, the Stokke Tripp Trapp has its price (150EUR for the chair, 40EUR for the baby set, 35 EUR for the cushion) but given its quality, design (it does not look odd at our dining table) and the long time we will use this chair, it is worth the investment. Accessories are quite overpriced but efficient with being easy to clean and fix (well, and there is also a good second hand market whether you want to buy or resell).

What else?

So good, so fine. We had lovely lunches and dinners with lots of food on the table, the baby, the chair and the floor. Then, again, a new phase started. Since last week, Thiago has begun to step out of the chair, wanting to move on the table. Suddenly, there was the strong urge for a harness to protect him. Stokke offers this product but I decided to go for a universal one that fits all highchairs, being much less expensive (8EUR vs 39EUR) but still efficient (a little improvised but I really don’tc are on looks here). If you have a rather active and mobile baby, I recommend to purchase a safety harness when buying this chair. It will safe you time when the moment of truth comes.

Beside the golden rule of parenthood, I have learnt another thing. I have learnt that me having become extremely cheesy since my son’s birth is not a only a phase but an everlasting state. This is good because no matter how messy our meals get (and they do get messy, believe me), I can say from the bottom of my heart that I am enjoying every single moment of my son’s Tripp Trapp phase! xx

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