New Series: Amsterdam With Kids

Play area at Beford StuyvesantAfter Thiago’s birth we discovered that our live had changed. Sure, we had a baby and were now parents but there were several things that added to this new situation.

One change became very obvious on weekends where we felt that something was different. In moments when we walked on the street and the only people we could see were either other parents pushing strollers or some elderly people. Or when we tried to get hold of our childless friends but the only thing we coud talk to was their voice mail. They usually called us back 3-5 hours later, speaking with a deep dark whisky voice and mentioning words like “late night” , “too much” and “drinks”. Yep, our schedule had drastically changed and our activity phase had shifted. Whereas we still went out for dinner in the first weeks after Thiago’s birth we quickly had to realize that evening time was not the best one to expose our little bird to a different environment than our home. Brunch time became our new dinner time. It was just obvious that by the time we got out of bed and left the house it was still way too early for those who had spent the night in bars drinking a good amount of beer. Who can blame them?

Another change was that we had to change our focus. From one day to another, places we used to frequent did not work for us anymore. Remember the little restaurant that had only a few tables, one really close to another? Well, the owners did certainly not think about how to fit a stroller in there. Or how about the nice and cozy cafe you used to spend the afternoon at? Well, rethink nice and cozy if there is no changing table or any other adapted space to change your baby’s fully pooped diaper. All in all, we knew that we had to extend our horizon and look for new places.

This is what this new series is about. I will share here with you my favorite baby/kids and parent friendly places in Amsterdam. If you too have kids and live in Amsterdam or plan to visit, you will understand why I love these places. I would have never thought that things like high chairs, kids playing areas, changing tables and friendly food options for little ones would make me scream and jump like a happy little girl but let’s face it: being a parent goes hand in hand with surprises!

I hope you’ll enjoy. If you have any suggestions, please let me know. I am all ears!