Let Loose (Like It’s 1984)

Prepping the party

I have always enjoyed celebrating my birthday. Plan the celebrations was never a big hassle for me. I really liked the whole process. With having a baby things have slightly changed. For my 30th birthday, I still wanted to celebrate. I knew that I wanted to have my family and close friends around me. However, somehow I could not really imagine the rest and commit; get things going. Thiago was full on in the “being shy with strangers” – phase (strangers = everyone except me) so I knew that the initial idea – having a baby-free night with my mother babysitting – was unrealistic. I said goodbye to the idea of leaving the house to go from bar to bar. The party type was set. It had to be a house party. Be home in case the little one needed me. Very last minute, I decided to go for a 1984 theme party, thinking about the original 1980s overall from my mother that I had hanging in my closet.

When my mother asked me what food I want to serve,  I had no clue. When thinking about props to add a little 1980’s touch to our house, I could not make up my mind. At the end, I bought balloons. Lots of balloons. I cooked some French-Italian recipes that I had learned from my man’s grand-mother during our summer vacation and made pichade (a typical cold pizza from Menton) and pesche ripiene (oven baked peaches stuffed with a mix of ingredients such as chocolate and Amarettini). This had nothing in common with the theme. The old and perfectionist me would have shaken her head but the new me just let loose.

“To let loose” is still the best thing I have learned since I have become a mom. Use your time and energy wisely and let loose when things don’t go the way you want them to. It is the perfect state of mind. It was not a perfect plan, a perfectly thought out party that made us have a great time but us, all together, in a room with good music, drinks and food. When you have this, you don’t need much more. When my son woke up at several repetitions and claimed my presence, I let loose. I continued the party and put him on my back in the carrier; celebrated with him. I let loose when I did not manage to change the batteries of the tranquil turtle; my replacement for the non existing disco light. At some point, people let loose and changed. Two of them even transformed into Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber. I danced the zouk and let loose. Being a bit rusty, my hip was still in pain the next day.

At 3am, I let loose and finally went to bed, thinking about how much fun this had been and what a memorable night this would be for all of us.

Do you also have a magic mantra that you follow since you entered motherhood? I’d love to hear your experiences 😉

Littlebirdsmama 1984

Littlebirdsmama Tranquil Turtle and Thiago

Mama and the little party bird

Dancing le Zouk Littlebirdsmama

Party Party Littlebirdsmama

Gaga and Bieber Littlebirdsmama

The Day After