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I have made the experience, the more fancy my clothes look the shorter they will survive in my everyday life. I discovered more than once that these clothes are not adapted for entertaining my son. It is like if they are jinxed. I put them on and generally it takes only a couple of minutes until I don’t feel comfortable anymore (too tight or short) or something happens. Stains happen, to be more precise, made of saliva, breast milk, soaked bread, sand…the list is long. This is why I have traded these items for those that work for spending the day with my son. However, I don’t want to wear the jeans and tee look everyday (it’s a cool look but not on seven days per week, come on!) neither do I want to have to pay attention to specific care instructions (we have a washing situation at our house if you know what I mean). When I find items that combine both style with easy care, I call it a jackpot. Unfortunatley, jackpots are not the rule but the exception.

It is for that reason that I like the concept behind Sonnet James. Founded by Whitney Lundeen, a San Fracisco based mother of two, Sonnet James stands for dresses that allow modern moms to look great while being playful. The care instructions cannot be more simple: get really dirty, wash and repeat! Available in different shapes and colors, the dresses are made of rayon and spandex, making them stretchy (they do also work during pregnancy as maternity wear!) and hence comfortble and perfect for quality playtime with kids! With being produced in San Francisco and fabric coming from New York, the dresses are 100% made in the USA and, with this fact in mind, available at fair prices starting at 75 USD.

Personally, I really like the Reese dress in grey but unfortunately it is not really adapted for breastfeeding. That said, maybe Whitney Lundeen will launch a version that responds to this need as well? No matter what happens, I already would like to thank her for designing mom (to-be) dresses that are exceptional exceptions!

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Sonnet James Marni Dress

Remi Dress Sonnet James

Sonnet James Stella Dress

Jil Dress Sonnet James