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I have curly hair. For those who speak natural curl language “type 3b/c” will ring a bell. For those who are not familiar with this jargon: it means that my hair is rather dry and needs lots of nourishing conditioner. It also means that in one day I never look the same. Usually, I wake up in the morning and feel like Psycho Bob from the Simpson’s. After a shower, when my hair is still wet, I look more like Rick James – until my hair is dry. That’s the stage I prefer. That’s when my curls get big.

In my life, I have met people who do not like my big hair days. They preferred my hair to be worn in a bun, all neat and tight. Under control. They feel that curls are too rebellious, too conspicous or messy…but what does messy mean? In my opinion, curls do know exactly what they want to be. Natural and free! With this in mind, it is obvious that I fell straight away in love with the brand Quinn & Fox. When I discovered on Instagram the tee-shirt with the slogan “Messy Hair Don’t Care” worn by super cute little kids, I felt pure joy. Founded in 2013 by two parents having curly children themselves, Quinn & Fox is a special kids clothing brand. Sure, they do make cute unisex pieces made of soft organic cotton but the really unique touch are the designs. With wanting the brand to be an art movement, the founders decided to work with new artisist from around the globe to showcase their works in small collections. The result are fresh designs that represent everything that kids should be: natural, youthful, fun and free!

I am a real fan of this concept which by the way translates obviously into prices that are not the lowest (50USD for my favorite tee), but hey, artists and parents need to make a living too, right? With the smallest size being equivalent to 12months and the “messy” tee being currenty sold out, I still have time for placing my order. Thiago’s hair is still short but I can already see some curlyness going on…and even if there won’t be curls but straight hair, who cares? These clothes are for ALL kids; as long as they are youthful, fun and fans of natural messyness 😉

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