This is 30



Littlebirdsmama bday Stan Smith

This is it. I am 30 years old. When I was young, this age seemed so far away and old to me. Three zero. Today, 30 doesn’t scare me. I feel young and I am in peace with myself. Ok, maybe my birthday sneakers helped to be even more comfortable in my shoes. My man ordered these customized Adidas Orginals Stan Smith sneakers in white leather with crocodile print and a Little Bird’s Mama inner sole (they’re mine, yep!). With such timeless and comfy shoes, I wanted to add something girly without overdoing it and paired them with a sleek wool shirt dress by Cos; simple and easy with no complications. That’s actually why I do not want to change for anything in the world and be 20 again. I have learned (and I keep learning as we never should stop right?) to leave all the complexe and needless stuff behind. Life itself and especially with a baby is already complex enough. There is no need to add on it. Go 30, let’s hit the road!

Littlebirdsmama Stan Smith

Littlebirdsmama bday 30