Summer Cherries


Littlebirdsmama on the beach

On one of my walks through Amsterdam, I found a little shop specialized in vintage clothes from the 1920s – 1960s. When I entered the store, the shop owner was unwrapping bathing suits and bikins; one cuter than the other.This had to be a sign as I was actually looking for a bathing suit for this summer. I had never thought about buying vintage bathing clothes but that day I fell in love with the feminine shapes, lovely colors and prints. When trying on the different styles, I could see that they fit my body shape – large hips, small waist, wide shoulders and round bum. I chose an original 1950’s one piece cotton bathing suit with neck holder (allowing to free the breast for nursing), a white collar top and colorful cherry prints.

On our current summer vacation, this vintage bathing suit is definitely my favorite piece. Whether I wear it on its own, combined with sailor culotte pants or my denim shorts; these cherries are my compagnon. Not to forget the best thing: eating a lot of pasta and gelato does not even hurt as the shape of the bathing suit embraces feminine curves, which by the way makes it was well a great postpartum piece!

With that in mind, I wish you all a great summer…with plenty of ice cream and no room for a guilty conscience 😉

Littlebirdsmama in Viozene Alimentari

Littlebirdsmama in Viozene bench

Littlebirdsmama Ice cream addict