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When my son was born, I bought a pair of yellow jeans in size 68 for him. They looked so cute and I loved the color. He never wore them. When the day had come and he fit size 68 (6 months), he was working hard on his mobility and wanted to move around as much a possible. The diaper he was wearing did already bother him so I didn’t have to be a rocket scientist to see that these slim fit denim jeans would not make him happy.

At that point, I had definitely understood that baby clothes need to be comfortbale above anything else. When I shop now for the little man, I prefer to buy pants loose fitted and made of soft materials; allowing him to move easily. However, I still like them to look cool. I guess that Leia Sfez had come to the same point when creating her label Diapers & Milk. This French brand stands for kids leggins that are designed to facilitate our babie’s mobility while looking cool and modern. Designs are cute and simple without overdoing anything. Little triangles, prison stripes, deer antlers, to name a few; these styles are great basics and perfect for little ones who want to move around and have fun. Hand made in France and using 100% organic cotton, their graphics are applied through a process using only non-toxic products.

Fulfilling all these criteria, you could think that the price must be over the top but somehow Leia Sfez manages to make them affordable (28EUR), making her brand interesting from both an ecological and ethical point of view. Of course, I am not the only mom who has fallen for these fun leggins. When checking the brand’s profile and the hashtag #diapersandmilk on Instagram, you can understand why they are all sold out.  Luckily, products will be back in stock  at the brand’s resellers at the end of this month and back in the e-shop by October; just enough time to choose which one(s) I will order for my little man’s 1st anniversary in December. This time, he’ll look cute and be comfortable. This time he will be wearing them 😉

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