Ode to my Baby Carrier… and R.Kelly

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With babies being “parent clingers” (they want to be carried around), I carry Thiago a lot. In the beginning, I carried him in my arms. Then my arms became tired and I felt limited in my actions (although I managed to do a lot of domestic work with one hand only!) so I had to find a way to make this work better. That’s when I opened Pandora’s box!

The Sling

In the first weeks after the birth, I carried Thiago in the Tricot-Slen. I had bought the product in a rush on sale and felt that the fabric was soft and would make a cozy cocoon for a newborn. What I did not know was that there are so many different ways on how you can bind a sling. The product came with a booklet including instructions on how to bind it. These looked more complicated than being helpful so I chose the most basic version that keeps the baby’s legs inside the sling (frog position) but checked as well online for some video input. When I found a suited tutorial, there were so many comments saying that this way of binding was unhealthy for the baby. I was confused! It got worse when I had to teach my man how to use the sling. For us, it was just not simple and practical so once it was time to upgrade to the next version, the one that keeps the baby’s legs outside (yes, this depends on your baby’s age/weight), we abandoned the whole thing!

The Ergobaby Carrier

When Thiago was four months old, I decided to go for a carrier. No binding rituals anymore, yey! After talking to the shop owner of a traditional kids store here in Amsterdam, I decided to go for the ergobaby Earth, made of 100% recycled fibers. I liked the color and checked if Thiago loved the fabric. Being all soft and smooth, he opened his mouth and sucked on it; it was like love at first sight ! By the way, this was also the only carrier brand they offered as they had stopped selling those by BabyBjoern as they are less ergonomic and do not allow to spread the baby’s legs which can be harmful for their hip development. In particular for baby boys, a bad carrier puts too much pressure on their genitals which does not seem very comfortable…


Why I love the Ergobaby Carrier

I am not lying when I say that the 120EUR we spent on this baby carrier are worth every cent! It is our must-have and life saving baby product! There is not one day that passes without using our ergobaby. When leaving the house, I always have it with me so that I can alternate between the stroller and the carrier (sometimes, Thiago is just fed up with the stroller and wants to see the world from the top). For short walks or when we go places that are busy, our ergobaby is the ideal item to use.  At home, I can do the washing or cook while carrying my baby!

It is easy to put on and adjustable in size which means that we can switch between my man and me without problems. Positioning is flexible too, as it is wearable on the front and backside (not front facing though). Our version is made of soft and durable fabric that is easy to care for (machine washable). The sleeping hood option guarantees protection from day light and wind/cold when our baby falls asleep. Speaking of which: rocking our baby to sleep in the ergobaby carrier is very easy! Just put your favorite tune on and bounce…but caution, the bouncing can soon become a habit that you’ll keep even when you are not even using the erobaby; read my closet cleanse story for proof!

And R.Kelly?

During the day, rocking Thiago to sleep works particularly well with R.Kelly (yep, I seperate between his music and the pee pee/duffel bag story). Whether it’s Bump n’ Grind, Ignition or Happy People…it works so thanks Mr. Robert Kelly, I’ll heart you always and forever!

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