I Scream Ice Cream

Ice cream Little Birds Mama

I can eat ice cream every day. That’s actually what I am doing since Thiago’s birth. I eat it e-v-e-r-y day! When I heard that the Gelato Festival di Firenze was on tour and coming to Amsterdam, the decision was easy. We had to go! Once arrived, we went full in and purchased the complete taste card which included 5 perfume as well as a gelato cocktail for each of us. Coming all the way from Florence, the gelato makers suggested hand-made ice cream  such as ricotta with blueberries, egg white and Barbour vanilla, panna cotta with salted caramel and hazelnuts, white cream with roses from Grasse…do I need to say more? It was delicious! Our favorite was by far the chocolate and orange flavour. Yum! The portions were quite big so you understand that we had to cut all this sweetness with a chubby hot dog (no joke, that was the name of it)  and make room in our tummies for the next tasting round. At the end, we thought that we would not eat ice cream for a while but guess what I just had today after dinner 😉

I made a litte video so you can see yourself how yummy this was. The music is from two street artists I filmed while playing very original instruments (one looked like a piece of furniture) … I hope you enjoy it!


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