Whistle & Flute

image_original Je t aime whistle and flute Nowadays, I don’t have much time to read magazines. I still buy them though as I like the idea of sitting in a cafe or being in the park and reading them but as said…it’s an idea. In reality, I read them very quickly but with my phone being much better adapted to my new situation I get a lot of reading and inspiration online; in particular from social media. For fashion, Instagram is just perfect. It’s on one of my daily scroll sessions where I found the brand whistle & flute from Canada. Their specialty? Cute and modern graphic sweat shirts and tees for kids and parents in unisex styles, made with non-toxic ink. For kids, tees start at size 3-6 months whereas sizes for sweat shirts  start at 2T which is equivalent for the size of a 24months old toddler. Parents already seem to love these styles as the brand’s Instagram account is full of great pictures of kids in whistle & flute looks posted by their proud mamas and papas.

With Thigao being half French, it had to be the Je t’aime sweater and as today was the first cloudy day after super sunny weeks, I also ordered the Kawaii cloud fleece jumper. I know, 24 months is still some time ahead but I love to shop for the future. It’s nice to have cute items waiting for Thiago while he continues his journey towards grown-up-land…;)

All pictures by Whistle & Flute

Cloud_Sweatshirt_Whistle and Flute