Cute Attack: Freshly Picked


Freshly Picked Moccasins

It was one of those Thursdays when we lay on the couch while eating watermelon and watching Shark Tank; this show where enterpreneurs pitch their business to financial investors (sharks) to obtain money and guidance. There are various types of businesses. Some are hilarious and some really random but it happens as well that a candidate with a special idea and great business model shows up. When this happens, you can literally see the dollar signs on the sharks’ eyes due to their excitement about potential profit. Then the candidate can negotiate and choose the best offer. In my eyes this is the most interesting part of the whole show.

It is pretty rare that I get excited about a presented business but that Thursday evening Mrs. Susan Petersen entered the show and pitched the story of her business called  Freshly Picked. As a mother of two she struggled with finding nice looking and well fitted baby and toddler shoes so she started to design and develop them herself. Lacking money at that time, she was helped by her brother, a window installation business owner. Instead of money he gave her old windows and she banged the glass out to collect the aluminium frames and recycle them at the scrap yard for money. That was in 2009. The 200 dollar which this mompreneur earned from that activity became the first investment for her kids clothing brand that today makes mothers go crazy!

Susan Peters Freshly Picked

The leather moccasins are so cute that looking at them hurts. Availble in a variety of colours and fresh designs the shoes are made in a way that they stay on the baby’s feet thanks to an elastic strap. Made of 100 % genuine leather and produced in the United States, their price point is rather high with 60 dollar each pair. However, Mrs. Petersen mentioned the right detail when saying that soft soles are better for our kid’s feet and walking development. Combine original designs AND healthy function and you got me (well at least for one pair)!

For the moment, my son Thiago is not walking yet so I don’t see the point in putting shoes on his feet. I will be patient and not buy these before the big day has come. However, the waiting time comes handy as I really would not know yet which color to choose. (At this point my respect goes to all moms of little girls. With color options such as rose gold, neon pink, coral or watermelon the selection becomes way tougher than for boys!).

I am sure that Susan Petersen’s appearance on Shark Tank has given a good boost to her business. She mentioned that her brand gains around 1500 new Instagram followers per week and I am sure that the number increased. Since that Thursday evening I am part of them…freshly picked!

All pictures by Freshly Picked