Closet Cleanse Vintage Promenade


It has been too long; way too long. Over years and years, I have been accumulating a sea of clothes, shoes and accessories. By now, my closet was literally bursting at the seams. It was as if our house was not only inhabited by us but also by some room mates. Room mates that were made of clothes. These piles of clothes made of mixed and matched colors and fabrics where everywhere. I am pretty sure that Thiago thought that these naturally belonged to our house in the way children think of domestic animals; that they are part of the family. However, these textile mountains did nothing to really earn their place. Sure, eventually I was supposed to get dressed in them but for a significant number of items this was untrue. With owning such an amount of clothes, I obviously prefered some, disliked others and literally forgot that some existed.

You don’t have to be a genius to find a solution for this problem. Organized people regularly clear out their closets. However, due to a lot of back and forth travelling in the past years I have never had the time for this …or honestly put: I have just been too lazy! Long story short: with being a new mom having a slightly new style, now was the time to make up for the missed opportunities and sell the stuff I did not wear anymore. How handy that we have Europe’s biggest flea market, the Ijhallen, here in Amsterdam. For two days, we sold like crazy. Thiago was with us during the whole experience. Either my man or I carried him in the ergobaby, making us that type of sales people that were constantly bouncing while talking to our customers. This actually became a tic as we continued with this habit even when we did not carry him anymore.

Being more rational than me, my man had given me the strict instruction NOT to buy anything new. To avoid the temptation, I did not even go for a walk to check out the other stands. On Sunday however, I just had to go and have a look. After all, it’s such a big flea market so I had to see what it looked like besides the 8 meters we had rented. With Thiago in the carrier, I went for a walk where I discovered a variety of things but stayed strong and bought only a cherry brooch because you know… I love cherries and you can never have enough brooches 😉

At the end, people seemed to have liked my clothes as we did sell a lot. My clothes found new owners and we gave the few pieces that were left to charity. Besides money, more space in our house and the ability to count now in Dutch, we also gained this bouncing experience as a family. Check out the video to see yourself 😉


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