Coffee, please!

Coffe, please Littlebirdsmama

I have never been a big coffee drinker. I have always liked the smell, especially from freshly grounded beans and brewed coffee. However, its taste has never been something that I appreciated a lot. On its own, is has a very strong effect on me. It makes my heart beat fast. Sometimes my hands become shaky. When consumed in bigger doses it makes me giggly and puts me literally into a state of tipsyness. Mixed with milk it becomes an evil drink that makes me so sick that only a syringe from the doctor can save me (no joke!).

When I happened to drink this brown brew, I did it either because I was on vacation in a Southern country, to end a long meal or get started for the weekend on a Friday. With coffee being part of the things I had to give up during my pregnancy, I really had no problem. At all! So I crossed this ingredient so much from my nutrition list that I completely forgot that I may not have been a big coffee drinker but that I did use it for another purpose: body scrub! Yes, beside for reading someone’s future coffee grounds are also great to exfoliate dead skin and stimulate the blood circulation. Hence, it has even an effect on cellulite and helps to reduce it.

There are different simple recipes for proper coffee body scrubs. For instance, the grounds can be mixed with olive oil and sugar or even cmpleted with cinnamon. Lazy as I am, I always used only the pure coffee grounds from the day which worked fine for me. With this texture being already all moist I never felt the need to add anything to it. (At this point I would like to thank my former roommate Hanna for being such a coffee addict and having provided me with my everyday supply for the time we shared an appartment.)

When scrubbing your body with coffee grounds the shower surely looks like a mess but knowing that the brown little grains have also a go-develish effect (yes, coffee grounds unblock drains and pipes) makes the use of it even better. Not to mention the effect for the skin. Pure coffee grounds from brewed coffee make my skin so soft and smooth. The result comes close to the amazing feeling after a scrub treatment at a Hammam (you know, the one that makes you understand where the saying “beauty must suffer” comes from) but it is less expensive and not painful. On top of this, I always feel energized after a coffee peeling. Clean, smooth and ready to go! Body scrub with coffee grounds should definitely become part again of my beauty routine.

When my cousin came to spend a week at our house and used our Bialetti machine to brew his morning coffee, all my memories came back. Unfortunately, with my man drinking coffee only at work, our Bialetti is only in use when we have guests. So if you make it to Amsterdam, pass by for a coffee. It will be both mine and my skin’s pleasure 😉