Little Bird got an eye on us

Little Bird got an eye on us

Have you ever thought about how the world looks like from a baby’s point of view? When looking for a camera to film videos in a very mobile way (compared to the static Nikon I have), I purchased a GoPro Hero+ Silver. Being super flexible with this camera, I can film now wherever I go. Whether it’s sunny, rainy…even under water. With last week being super warm and summery, we spent an evening on a boat for dinner, following by a cosy walk near the water to go home. The footage that we got from this walk made us realize that our baby sees the world like in these television shows that air in the early morning hours. You know, the one where you see the streets from a taxi driver’s point of view or like my man would say “This is TV for stoners!”.  Check it out yourself 😉


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