When the little bird sleeps, Mama plays

oyster good

Being a mother surely is a tough job. One day to another, your life changes and you don’t have a lot of time left for yourself. That said, since I have only limited me-time available I have learned to seize quickly opportunities when they come and appreciate the little things.  For instance, I have always loved oysters. I gave them up during my pregnancy and developed a strong craving for them. It is so strong that I can hear them by miles calling me with their soft voice “eat us!”.  This it what happened at the Neighbourhood Foodmarket. My man was away and I met up with a friend to hang out with our kids and enjoy the beautiful wheather while having some delicious organic bites. When we said goodbye, I had a last look at the food stands and saw that there was an oyster stand called zilt en zalig. Thiago was sleeping so I made my way over to the nice oester man. What then followed was simply amazing. I am so glad that I filmed it with my phone. By the way, watching the video makes me want to have an oyster right now! I hope you don’t mind 😉


A big thank you to @oesterman marcus for letting me use the footage.