Bounce, Baby, Bounce

In the first weeks of adjustng to motherhood I carried my baby wherever I went. I carried him either in my arms or in front of me in a cotton sling. Pursuing activities on my own was quite impossible so with all the carrying my arms and back started to become a little bit tired. My cousin advised me to purchase a bouncing chair that we coud use for Thiago in special moments, in particular when having a meal in the evening. I had a look on various web sites to read reviews on which product would work best and be the most healthy for our baby’s precious back. In all forums, the parent’s most favorite product was the Bouncer Balance Soft by BabyBjörn. Although its high price, reviews were extremely positive thanks to its ergonomic features and functionality (when folded it becomes really flat, bounces easily and can even transform in some sort of toddler chair). However, I am sure that the simple modern design played as well a role in the judgement. From the offer of different fabrics (regular cotton, soft organic cotton and mesh) I chose the silver-white mesh option as I primarily thought about food stains but also about the fact that these chairs can easily become a “hot oven” when babies sit in them on warm days. Hence, mesh seemed for me to be the more suitable and breathable fabric.

I have to admit that buying this chair was a great decision. It is light, easily foldable (very practical for travelling) and it has a washable cover (30 degrees) which dries very quickly. As promised, we started to have meals while eating all together. Yey! We just put Thiago into the chair on top of our dinner table or on the ground when sitting in the living room and make him participate in our meal rituals. The chair has an easy bounce mechanism. Either we kick the chair gently to make it bounce or Thiago makes it bounce through own movements (yes this is possible). Sometimes, when things get chaotic, the chair turns out to be even a great friend that rocks Thiago into sleep. I really have nothing to say against this chair.

When I spent a week at home in Germany, I accidentally forgot our bouncing chair so we went to the local shop to buy a second one (we also wanted to have dinner all together ;). The choice there was quite limited and we chose the Bungee Deluxe by Hauck. However, execpt from the lower price (around 50 eur vs 100-130eur for the BabyBjörn) there was nothing positive regarding this product. It didn’t fold, did not bounce correctly and the security belt did not fit at all (I don’t know who designed this but the measurements do not work at all for babies). So although the BabyBjörn was more expensive (you can find them second hand on e-bay though) I would still go for this product to ensure to get the full functionality and quality. It’s a great item that will put a smile on your baby’s face and allow you to have your hands baby-free for a good 30 minutes (that’s also the time recommendation by our physiotherapist to make sure that the baby’s back stays protected).

That said, Thiago can almost sit on his own and we have started baby led weaning so it’s time now to purchase a proper high chair. Let’s see which one of the numerous products will win the race this time and make it to our dining table…if you have recommendations, please do share. I’d love to get your advice :). Thanks from Amsterdam!