A Milky Wedding

It all started with the invitation to a wedding. Excited about this event, I took a look at my wardobe to see what I could be wearing. “Chick and summery, neither black nor white” was what the bride had wished. From my memory, I have some dresses in my closet that could work for this occasion…if there wasn’t the breastfeeding. Being back to my pre-preggo weight I didn’t count in the size of my breasts which are much bigger now. For the majority of the dresses, they didn’t fit in. And then there was the cut. The dresses that fit didn’t allow to free the breasts. What is the most beautiful dress if I would have to take it half or completely off so that I could nurse my baby? This equation was easy to solve, a new dress was needed! Highly motivated I started my search but had to learn that looking for a dress that would fit both my taste and the breastfeeding need would be quite difficult. Clothes by brands that offer nursing wear looked for my taste too much like home or casual wear.

After scrolling endlessly on online shopping pages I found on Asos a long vintage-looking dress by Jarlo, featuring a buttoned decollete that would allow nursing my baby without having to take off the whole dress.  The burgundy color and the lace insert added a nice touch to the dress.  Combined with leather-leopard sandals by Sezane and a headband with flowers (also made of leather) I felt that this look was suitable for the summer wedding and made me feel a bit like a lady out of Downton Abbeye…at least for a couple of minutes. Once we arrived at the wedding, I woke up from this dream. Thiago also seemed to like the dress, eating it and leaving big marks of saliva on it.  When it was time for the first feeding,  unbuttoning the dress was easy but closing it was much more complicated and time consuming. I simply hadn’t thought about that I would also have to close all these little buttons – while holding my baby.  When juggling with closing the buttons and not letting Thiago fall down, one breast began to leak and left milk stains (breast pads…really often they do work and when it matters they don’t ;)). But well, being used to this sort of incidents I took the situation with a smile and focused on the fact that for once I was wearing something that was not 100% practical but beautiful. And when my mother came to pick-up Thiago for the evening, my boyfriend and I spent an amazing couple of hours dancing and laughing like we hadn’t for quite a while. At the end, it’s been a priceless night and I didn’t mind at all wearing a dress covered with saliva and milk stains.


My conclusion ->> If you want to dress up for a special occasion while you’re still breastfeeding keep in mind that:

1. buttons are easy to open but quite a hassle to close (especially if they are small)

2. it is always good to bring a scarf or jacket to cover potential milk or saliva stains

3. you are still a mom. Your perfect outfit and haircut may be ruined at some point (baby hands can be so strong) so keep your good mood with a big smile 😉