Indikidual Haul


While I was shopping beach vacation essentials for my little one I discovered a London-based kids clothing brand called indikidual. This brand caught my eye as they produce UV swim suits that actually look cool. This made me curious so I went on their website to take a look at the rest of the collection. What I found was so cute that I immediately had to place an order (ok, having some items on sale helped as well a bit). The fits, colors designs and graphics were so bold, original and simply different that I easily understood why the brand is called indikidual. To make my shopping more reasonable I chose some items in bigger sizes (12-18 months) so that Thiago can wear them when he is a bit older. However, when it came to the little sailor and banana onesie, I had to buy them in his current size for this summer. I just had to!  The shopping and shipping experience was straight forward and smooth. I received the products within one week. The only thing I was missing was a confirmation e-mail once my order was placed. But who knows, maybe this is the brand’s little “indikidual” touch to their e-shopping experience. I don’t mind as long as their clothes stay this cute!