Bring On The Lobsters


Yesterday was the little bird’s six month birthday and we wanted to have a nice meal to celebrate this milestone. He was wearing a pair of pants by munsterkids that was covered with this cool lobster print and somehow I chose that we should have lobster for dinner. I’m a real fan of this brand as their designs feature original graphics that kick some a**. I was so happy when I found this animal print that for once is different from the dogs and bears that are usually used on baby clothing. The fit of their pants is in my eyes very baby friendly, being loose and comfy and featuring very soft elastics on the waist and the ankles – just perfect for the little ones.

During the meal I saw that my boyfriend kept looking at the lobster and our son’s pants. With a big smile on both our faces we finished the meal silently, both knowing why the real lobster had made it to our dinner table.