Beau LOves

When I discovered the brand Beau LOves, one meme came to my mind: “Aways be yourself, unless you can be batman. Then always be batman”. In my eyes, Beau LOves is the batman among… Continue reading

Hatless Hipster Hippie

It is getting colder now so last Sunday I was thinking about wearing one of my autumn hats. However, laziness took over so I chose my woolen when we left for Roest cafe to go for… Continue reading

Trick Or Treat With CuddleRoo

  Where I have lived so far, Halloween has never been a big deal until the past few years. Since then, things have changed and we too have started to celebrate this holiday… Continue reading

Golden Brown Inbetweener

Sometimes autumn weather does not really know which direction to take. It’s like it makes steps back before heading to the ultimate winter goal.Today was such a day. It was in between bearable cold and… Continue reading

Amsterdam Shopping: Keet In Huis

There is a kids store in Amsterdam that is to me (well, the mama-me) what Tiffany’s is to Holly Golightly in my all time favorite movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Located in our neighborhood on… Continue reading

Do You Speak Moccs? Baby Moccasins by Freshly Picked, Mini Mocks & Hippie Ya

Moms are definitely the ones who know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to products for the little ones. They talk, tweet or blog about it and when things do not work… Continue reading

Amsterdam Shopping: Lemonade

It was a grey and rainy Thursday when I made my way through the neighborhood Watergraafsmeer in the East of Amsterdam. I was looking for a gift for a friend you just had her baby… Continue reading

So Fresh And So Clean: My Skin Care Product & Cleaning Guide for Newborns

Newborns smell like heaven with a scent of milk and cute sweetness. When looking at them, you would never think that they have hidden talents such as producing cheese (Dutch, French or Swiss … I… Continue reading

Lucky No.7

Blue, red, white some green and again blue, blue, blue…that’s kind of it when you look at the color range of baby clothes for boys. I am always a bit jealous when I… Continue reading

Sharing Is Caring: BabyPlaces App

A friend told me once that sharing is caring. Being a mom herself, this wisdom came straight from her heart. I couldn’t agree more. When entering the world of parenthood, there are moments… Continue reading

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