Pregnancy Style: Black & Denim

During this pregnancy, I had to say goodbye to my regular jeans from early on as I started to show very fast. As most of the maternity wear from my first pregnancy was either… Continue reading

JAPAN DIARY : Travelling With The Shinkansen Bullet Train

After our one-night stay in Tokyo, our next destination was Kyoto. Prior to our trip, we had purchased the Japan Rail Pass (also called JR Pass), a universal train ticket that is issued by… Continue reading

Spotted: The KAOS Ransel Diaper Bag

When I was pregnant with the little bird one big item on my must-have list was a diaper bag. That bag that I would need every day and which would allow to fit in… Continue reading


  I still owe you the remaining part of our Japan travel diary. As the weather is currently particularly boring here (cold, dark and rainy, arghh), I thought it’s the perfect moment to… Continue reading

Style The Bump … with Storq

  I really love being pregnant. Watching my body change and accommodate my growing baby is a pretty amazing thing. However, when it comes to dressing this body of mine I really have… Continue reading

Motherhood: Let’s Talk About Parenting…Or Not

There is one thing about motherhood and parenting that amazes me over and over again. Before becoming a mother, I never would have thought that people are exposed to this one thing once… Continue reading

Amsterdam Hangout: HappyHappyJoyJoy

You do like Asian street food ? Then we do have something in common. I don’t know what it is but my heart beats faster when I see dishes such as Pho noodle soup… Continue reading

Knits for Kids: Knitwear by Kalinka & Misha and Puff

  When we celebrated Christmas while it was 15 degrees outside I almost thought that we would not have anything like winter this time. Of course, the cold hit us after the holidays. Hello… Continue reading

Amsterdam With Kiddos: Bibliotheek Centraal

Oh, what shall one do with kids when the whether is bad in Amsterdam ? Visit the public library ! Located right next to the main train station, the central public library (Bibliotheek Centraal)… Continue reading

My Second Pregnancy: The First Trimester

  The night before I did a pregnancy test I was out partying in a small bar in Amsterdam. I remember that I asked at some point something like “…so and then Ken… Continue reading

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