Sonnet James

I have made the experience, the more fancy my clothes look the shorter they will survive in my everyday life. I discovered more than once that these clothes are not adapted for entertaining my son.… Continue reading

Zippy’s Kinderschoenen

I love living in Amsterdam for several reasons. For instance, there are a lot of individual and original shops.This is particularly the case when it comes to kids clothing. I have already been thinking for… Continue reading

Quinn & Fox

I have curly hair. For those who speak natural curl language “type 3b/c” will ring a bell. For those who are not familiar with this jargon: it means that my hair is rather… Continue reading

This is 30

    This is it. I am 30 years old. When I was young, this age seemed so far away and old to me. Three zero. Today, 30 doesn’t scare me. I feel… Continue reading

Summer Cherries

  On one of my walks through Amsterdam, I found a little shop specialized in vintage clothes from the 1920s – 1960s. When I entered the store, the shop owner was unwrapping bathing… Continue reading

Diapers & Milk

When my son was born, I bought a pair of yellow jeans in size 68 for him. They looked so cute and I loved the color. He never wore them. When the day… Continue reading

She Reminds me of Apricots…

…or maybe I should put it the other way around. Apricots remind me of her. “Her” is the friend I was really close to but somehow she and I lost contact. I wanted… Continue reading

Ode to my Baby Carrier… and R.Kelly

With babies being “parent clingers” (they want to be carried around), I carry Thiago a lot. In the beginning, I carried him in my arms. Then my arms became tired and I felt limited… Continue reading

I Scream Ice Cream

I can eat ice cream every day. That’s actually what I am doing since Thiago’s birth. I eat it e-v-e-r-y day! When I heard that the Gelato Festival di Firenze was on tour… Continue reading

My Milky Way Guide

From the beginning, breastfeeding has been a non-problematic topic for me. I already produced pre-milk before my baby was born. The real milk kicked in one day after Thiago’s birth. A couple of… Continue reading

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