Introducing Naif Care For Babies & Toddlers (incl. 10% discount code)

  When I introduced my son to solids…that was the moment when things got serious. That’s when the smell of his full diapers suddenly started to get close to what grown-ups produce (sometimes even… Continue reading

Hugo Loves Tiki

I have tried to write this post without sounding too cheesy but somehow it is impossible. I don’t know why this automatically happens when I want to write about something French. Let it… Continue reading

Baby It’s Cold Outside: Winter Baby Must-Haves

“New moms tend to keep their babies rather too warm than too cold.”, is one thing that my midwife told me when my son was born. She was so right. Especially with living… Continue reading

Win The Travel Buddy by Mana’o nani!

Some among you have been asking about these two teddies that appeared on some of my pictures here on the blog and Instagram. What are these fuzzy stuffed animals? What is this cuteness? Cute… Continue reading

New Lingerie Label from Paris: NOO Underwear

I am sick and tired of my nursing bras. I have worn them to the max and really can’t see them anymore. This counts as well for my pre-pregnancy lingerie. I was already done… Continue reading

Amsterdam with Kiddos: Blender Amsterdam (Kids Concepstore & Cafe)

A cafe and store dedicated to mothers and kids… this probaply would have been my nightmare before I became a mom. Thinking about all the noise, sticky food crumbs, and mothers talking with high voices… Continue reading

Not Only for Design Nerds: Tees And Onesies by TINY MODERNISM & BELLY SESAME

With our upcoming trip to Japan (read my post here), I am currently having some sort of sensor for everything related to Japanse culture. During one of my scrolling sessions on Instagram, I… Continue reading

With Schnapps to Japan

Travelling to Japan has been on top of our wish list for quite a while. Two weeks ago, when we were in our finest couch potatoe mood, we decided to make things serious and… Continue reading

Travelling Too Light

A major growth spurt, growing teeth, me having the flu…yes, sometimes it just comes all together. In this case, it’s been perfect timing that I had already planned a trip for myself and… Continue reading

Amsterdam Shopping: Big & Belg

  I live in Amsterdam Oost (East) and it is not a secret that I am big fan of this neighborhood. I love it here! However, when talking about shopping for the little… Continue reading

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